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When was the last time you checked if your PC was running properly?

The computer user’s challenge

Whether you use a computer for pleasure or business, you want it to run at optimum efficiency all of the time.  If not maintained regularly, your PC will end up being inefficient and potentially unreliable.


With our PC Health Check Service we will be proactively checking your systems every day so that we can anticipate and remedy problems before they begin to affect your usage.


With our intuitive systems, we can check your PC’s performance remotely by simply installing a small software package onto you system – once that’s done we can do the rest and you can carry on doing what you need to do!


So what’s included?


ü System check

We check to see if your system is over-using its processor or memory.  With this information we can advice if your computer is capable of running any new software or if it needs to be upgraded.  On top of this we also check operational errors that may end up causing something more serious.  All of this is totally automated and we will advise you if there are any potential problems.




ü Clean up temporary files, cookies and unnecessary files

When you are connected to the Internet or installing a program, temporary files are often left on your hard drive – we can clean these up giving you more space on your disk and often enhanced performance.


ü Defragment & check your hard drive

This re-arranges the contents of your hard disk to improve performance and check for errors that may threaten your data.


ü Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Malware can all cause your PC to perform irregularly

Sometimes you don’t even know you have these installed on your PC until we run a check! If anything nasty is found, we can remove it so your system is clean and safe to use.


ü Up to date

Keeping your machine up to date is a key part of ensuring your data’s security – we will ensure your machine keeps itself up to date

Remote Support Services

We also provide comprehensive remote support facilities allowing us to assist by accessing your computer desktop from our office.  We can provide remote support to any PC with an Internet connection regardless of its location.  (Remote Support sessions attract an additional charge).


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